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Let’s Make a Website!

OK, so you wanna make a web site or just NEED to make one because someone asked you to. I was asked to make one a month ago, and here I am! now I can writing a how-to article about it!

well, the reason why I’m writing this article is that when I was just starting, I couldn’t understand those technical term well.  And I wished that there was this easy, really simple explanation for basic of the internet technology. so, here’s the simple summary!


Basic Knowledge

Well, building a website or even a single webpage is pretty complicated thing these days. We have tons of new technology that just await us. so, here’s some basic knowledge you need to know. 

  • A website is made of lots of pages and links between them. So, if you wanna build a website from scratch, you need to create lots of pages. (at least 10 is good number to start, I think)
  • Those pages are written in special languages like HTML and CSS.
  • There are at least 5 of those special languages you need to know. English (you’ve got your first step clear! yay), HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

HTML is short for “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. This language is perhaps the most easiest one to remember and learn. It really, really simple so don’t be discouraged here.

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet”. If the whole website-making-process was like a cooking, HTML is the ingredients, and the CSS is a recipe book. It order the browser to “Show this image in this way. Next, show that text here, and make it exactly this size, Then….” so that your content look beautifully when you see them 😉 

Javascript is a neat programming language. If the HTML is ingredients and the CSS is the recipe book, Javascript is a extra spices. It spices up your website and make it more fun (namely, smooth animations and responsive moves). But much like a real spice, you have to be really careful using it. If you apply javascript too much, the webpage gets too spicy or heavy so that you can’t focus on the main content/HTML text, which should always be on the focus. But just like the real spice is essential to most of the cooking (say, you wouldn’t wanna eat beaf steak without pepper, would ya?), Javascript is very common and necessary component of modern webpage. Just remember not to use them too much 😉

PHP means “Hypertext Preprocessor”. Doesn’t make much sense by its name, does it? Well, it doesn’t for me :-/ anyway, what it does is read special code written by you, and according to that code it automatically produces a HTML page for you 😉 say, you wanna display today’s date on the corner of the webpage? Just write that in php, and it gets the job done. 

Server. You’ve heard about it, probably already have rented it or gonna buy one online in near future, but do you know what server exactly is? Well, it’s a computar that always connected to internet. Computar, without any screen. It has built-in hard disc to store your pages, CPU and all other things to do what you want it to do. And just like a real computar, there is that “You get what you paid for” rule. It’s nice to buy one on the bargain to save money, but you might have problem with it later on. – it could be a sluggish response, slow loading time or the worst case, whole-site crash. 

So I suggest you to do some serious search on choosing right server. If your site’s gonna be small and cozy one, choose affordable, relatively cheap one. If it’s gonna eventually be a big, hundreds/thousands-of-visitor-a-day site (hopefully), go for little expensive, but well-supported rich server. Just remember to consider pro and cons for each choice carefully.


My Fav Musicians ;-)

Music! music! music! yes I love musics!

I don’t think I can list up all of my favorite singer, (there’s too many of them!) so I’ll write only my recent favorite one!

the Beatles! the Beach Boys, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, The Little Willies, Carole King, Billy Joel, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Jackson 5, Leaf, oh! can’t believe i almost forgot! THE Michael Jackson.  aand, Friendly indians (they play Psych theme song.. “I know, You Know, I’m not..”)

oh, and these are the music i listen to when i’m down or just wanna relax 🙂

Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles, Jack johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, Randy Newman, Sarah Brightman, Feist!

wow, that was a really Loooooooong list!

Now, i have a blog!

well, hello and nice to meet you guys! let me introduce myself as who i think i am. 

First of all, you can call me whatever you might want call me, but i prefer to be called Martin 😉

Things i like : Anything soft and small and not scary, badass smart detectives story like Sherlock Holmes book series (Ah, it’s THE CLASSIC!!), Psych, etc, etc,. Even though i’m sooo into those detevtive stories, i don’t like the one with serious tone…  i’ve had enough serious stuff in my life already! lol 

Things i don’t like: Well, even though i made this entry, i don’t really like to write about things i hate.. it’s kinda depressing to think about it, isn’t it? …ok, ok, i’ll write something anyway. my weakness is that i can’t bear those cheap romantic scenes you see on TV and Movies, whenever it’s on screen, i just wanna walk away or skip the part if possible… 

Anyway, thanks for reading till this part 😉 i really, really love to hear from you, so leave message if you have one! or if you don’t have one, just say hi with 🙂 ! 

ok, i think this is long enough for a first entry of my first blog, soooo Chao! see ya in next entry!

p.s. i think i’m gonna write about music in my next one, but i’m not sure..! 🙂